HEALITE LED Light Therapy

Light-based skin treatments can also be used to:

• Improve cosmetic surgery healing times
• Help reduce surgery scars after cosmetic surgery procedures
• Facilitate the body’s natural repair processes
• Help people heal from sporting injuries, including muscle strains and wounds

HEALITE LED light therapy offers the latest technological advances to ensure customers benefit from the maximum light treatment that will give the best results. LED light therapy gives results to smooth out skin, repair scarring and even skin tone.

All ages and skin types can benefit from the pain-free and non-invasive treatment that delivers concentrated energy deep into your tissue affecting your body at a cellular level. HEALITE is LED light therapy for your skin. This type of treatment can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of treatments, including aesthetic laser and IPL treatments, skin needling, deep peels and pre- and post-plastic surgery. Each wavelength targets various different indications. Ladies of all ages and skin types can benefit from the pain-free, athermal and easy-to-apply HEALITE treatments.

How Does It Work,
in Brief?

LED-LLLT treatments use concentrated light therapy methods to bring targeted light and warmth to the skin. These light waves help boost your circulation and improve your innate healing capacity. Light therapy is a gentle treatment that uses three clinically proven wavelengths to repair the skin and promote rejuvenation.

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