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DNA Skin Renewal

This product was invented by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr Ronald L. Moy, who invented this skin care range to help reduce skin cancer rates and improve overall skin health with effective and clean ingredients.

DNA Renewal's philosophy is to work beyond beauty and works on pure science. Skin care isn't just about beauty; it’s about understanding what causes your skin concerns on a deeper, chemical and biological level.
Pre Treatment Skin Renewal — Medi-Spa in Cairns, QLD
Skin Renewal — Medi-Spa in Cairns, QLD
DNA Scar Therapy — Medi-Spa in Cairns, QLD

Preventive Skin Care

DNA repair enzymes also play a prominent role in repairing sun damage, thereby helping to work against skin cancer.
Active DNA repair enzymes are present in our products:
  • Regeneration Serum
  • Intensive Renewal
  • Night Renewal
  • Eye Renewal
  • Sheer Defence Medium
  • Sheer Defence Light
  • Sun Defence SPF 50
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